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Misión: Encontrar un buen fular sin desesperar.
Mission: Find a good scarf without despair.
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What is the mystery of a good scarf ? Its color? Its fabric? The person who wears it? And if I told you that none of them... The mystery of a good scarf is the use that you personally give it. The style you create with it.

This garment that is barely seen and gives a lot of play when it comes to getting a totally different look. It is the special touch of a gray day in which you do not feel like anything at all. Sound good to you? stay and discover everything you can achieve with a good scarf.

Scarf Malaga | Elisa & Eduardo Rivera

Bohemian and chic style: You will not go unnoticed.

Lovers of the bohemian look pay attention because this is your garment! Garment that by the way, is unisex. If you know us, you will know that we repeat the scarf in many of our looks. That silky touch that you will notice when trying it on, fine and elegant are the key to a good scarf. Scarves with a bohemian air favor that casual style that many seek in their day to day. The chromatic range of earthy, greenish or bluish tones favor this style and make autumn and winter much more interesting.

Look - Book FW20

A good scarf will change your life!

Aesthetically, a scarf will provide you with versatility in all your outfits. This garment helps us to hide certain areas of the body . The neck, shoulders, bust or upper waist play an important role when stylizing our figure. Take note!

Poppy Scarf | Elisa & Eduardo Rivera

THE foulard: source of inspiration.

A scarf will give you a boost of energy thanks to its vibrant colors and its different styles and patterns. For those who can not wear necklaces or simply do not wear too laborious accessories. These scarves are perfect because they do not weigh. This one in particular, the Egyptian Scarf set in the ancient Egyptian civilization. That thanks to its colors and pattern will attract attention for sure.

Scarf Egypt | Elisa & Eduardo Rivera

If you like any of the scarves that we have shown you, think that we have Christmas here for nothing and with it Christmas shopping. It is a very good option because you will hit it for sure.

Discover all the options and garments from our website. And if none of the above convinces you or you have any questions, you can call us directly at 609189307 or ask our in-store teams for help.

Remember that you can also pay for your purchases online with Bizum. If you have questions or want more information, we help you here.

See you very soon in the next post.

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